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As a commitment to  "growing" new tennis players in our area we reserve many of our early evening court times for junior clinics and junior league play.  We also offer a "no-membership-required"  munchkin program for boys and girls ages 3-5 and we have added several new flighted clinics for kids 5 to 13.

The Munchkins (ages 3-5 Mon and Wed evenings) focuses on tennis ABC's (Agility, Balance, and Coordination) and introducing tennis FUNdamentals.  Players will develop the skills for stroke production in tennis and general tennis mechanics.  Play is generally in a half-court format more suited to this age group and consists of exercises with and without the use of their racquets.  no membership required.

The Saturday morning BigShots (ages 5-8 Saturday mornings) have some prior experience on a tennis court and will continue to focus on the ABC's of tennis and tennis fundamentals with emphasis on tennis stroke production and general tennis mechanics. 

The TopNotch program (ages 6-10 Mon and Wed evenings) continues to develop athletic skills for tennis with engaging activities and games that are designed to build a player's foundation in all the basic strokes including serves. 

The TopGun program (ages 11-13, Mon and Wed) transitions players from RedBall play to Orange and Green Balls continuing to develop the ABC's for tennis and learning to rally.  Players will also be introduced to match format and using their serve, return, rallying, and consistent play on a standard court size. 

The Middle School/NextGen program develops a strong foundation and strengthens the player's basic tennis skills.  Emphasis is on adding spin, pace, and depth in their strokes.  Understanding basic scoring, serving and strokes, and playing more competitive matches are elements emphasized in this program.

The High School/CollegePrep/SuperGroup program is for high school students who understand basic scoring, serving, and basic strokes.  This clinic will focus on stroke production, developing a stronger foundation which will allow players to improve and play more competitively. (Begining high school players should register for the Middle School/Next Gen Clinics)


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